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Alpsoul Retreats_ Alps of Slovenia




Preservation. Protection. Personal. Picked.


"Our dream of living in the Alps since we were small has led us to paths that crossed in Slovenia - both coming from different corners of the world, but having the same passion and visions.


And so the idea of "Alpsoul retreats" was born.


We have realised the fact that existing major corporate hotels in Slovenia which mainly focus on typical luxury is not yet celebrating the real magic of Slovenia - the true authentic experience of Slovenia mountain life surrounded by the iconic Alps.


Alpsoul Retreats is a handpicked selection of unique local alpine Slovenian houses. From here, tourists can experience something off the beaten tourist track, grounded and real. Something very personal, and at the same time “unreal” because it calms the souls from their hectic busy life outside this Home. Here is where they could find tranquility, inspiration and joy. A refreshed soul and state of wellness that only the surrounding Mother Nature could bring. Guests are invited to breathe in the presence - amidst the secluded location and serene setting of each house.


Alpsoul is a combination of small-scale houses, individual, original stories and styles, in which each member house enriches the entire house family with a larger variety of resources, events and products; higher efficiency and management consistency. This collection of exquisite alpine homes, of uniqueness and authenticity, will inspire and heal souls who have come to experience the Alps of Slovenia."

Sincerely, C & V

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